JR Sastre
1 (866) 308-7109 ext 705

Born and raised in the Tampa Bay area, JR has always gravitated towards having a fulfilling career in the service to others.  With a childhood filled with family, sports, and the great outdoors, JR has always been instilled with habits of hard work, sacrifice, and how to perform on a high level. 

After graduating high school, JR took on the physical and mental challenge of training and serving as a police officer for the St. Petersburg Police Department.  While hunting for his first home with his fiancé, JR became hooked on Real Estate.  He immediately began the move towards a fulfilling career as a Realtor®.   Since 2015, JR has been serving his community through real estate.  He possesses the characteristics of the perfect agent; putting in the extra hours to fulfill the needs of his clients, working diligently on understanding the changing market place, and the commitment to his team.  JR took his career to the next level when he joined the fastest growing real estate Team in the Tampa Bay Area in September of 2016.

JR is fortunate to be engaged to the love of his life, Megan.  They enjoy spending time with their dog, as well as time on the water enjoying the Tampa Bay lifestyle.   JR relishes in time with his family and supporting our local sports team.